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Announcements in Bb Learn

February 23, 2012

Announcements are important to any online course.  They can be used to notify students of upcoming due dates, changes to the course, and/or any important news that needs to be communicated to students quickly.  Bb Learn gives you the ability to change the order of your announcements and to always list important announcements above new announcements.  Follow the directions below to learn how to make an announcement.

1. Log into Blackboard Learn and go into the course you want to make an announcement in.

2. Find the Control Panel on the left side of the window and click on Course Tools.

3. Click on Announcements.











4.  Click Create New Announcement.

5. Complete the fields with your announcement and select the appropriate options for your announcement.  Click Submit when you are finished.

6. Your announcement is now listed.  If you want to reorganize the order click and drag the up/down arrow icon.  You can put important announcements above the “New announcements appear below this line” bar.

7. Your announcements will look similar to the image below to your students.


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One Comment
  1. this tutorial is more exciting than a Bruce Willis movie.. love the red arrows!

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